The Central Association of College and University Business Officers (CACUBO) is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization that specializes in professional development in higher education to advance the missions of academic institutions.


Since 1909, CACUBO has worked to improve business and financial management in higher education, and to promote the profession’s ethics and standards. Today, as a trusted resource for higher education professionals, we continue to offer innovative and relevant development opportunities for business and financial management staff at all levels of colleges and universities.

Professional development in higher education takes many forms. We’re dedicated to helping our members advance their institutions and their careers by providing opportunities to cultivate valuable relationships and peer networks, and sharing resources and training that’s right for you. With CACUBO, college and university business officers at all levels can grow their professional networks, access relevant resources and best practices to apply at their institution, earn CPE credits, and discuss matters affecting our industry.

Leading institutions rely on CACUBO for career-long professional development in higher education, because our programming is built on quality, affordability and industry expertise. We are committed to advancing professionals in higher education by equipping our members with information and tools that are relevant – and widely applicable – to the challenges facing academia.


CACUBO serves higher education business and finance professionals by providing opportunities for professional and personal development and facilitating collegial relationships and networks resulting in improved management within our member institutions. CACUBO promotes ethical behavior, innovation and, through our relationships with NACUBO, advocacy for higher education.


Our constituents recognize CACUBO as the choice for professional development and our diverse institutions’ desire to be actively engaged.


  • Integrity: CACUBO is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior, honesty and trust.
  • Excellence: CACUBO is committed to delivering the highest quality and most relevant programs and services.
  • Innovation: CACUBO is committed to meeting our members’ needs by continuously evolving our structure, programs and services through creativity and ingenuity.
  • Community: CACUBO is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community by valuing and leveraging members’ backgrounds, talents and expertise.
  • Enrichment: CACUBO is committed to creating learning opportunities that appropriately balance intellectual and interpersonal experiences.


Our commitment to professional development in higher education includes offering affordable, high-quality events, meaningful networking opportunities and relevant resources for colleges and universities across the central region.

Provide professional development opportunities and leadership training for all levels of staff in business and financial management.


CACUBO was the first regional association of business officers established in the United States. Since its founding in 1909, CACUBO has grown to more than 600 member institutions/organizations from 28 participating states, including more than 550 higher education institutions, 50 corporations and 10 other organizations.

CACUBO is one of four regional associations and represents the central region. The other regional organizations include EACUBO (Eastern), SACUBO (Southern) and WACUBO (Western). Each region has representation on the board of directors for the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), which was founded in 1962.