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As one of the longest-standing higher education professional associations in the country, CACUBO takes pride in our warm and welcoming environment. We invite you to learn more about our organization and to become a member today!

Leading institutions rely on CACUBO for career-long professional development opportunities built on quality, affordability and an established network of industry expertise.

We provide access to relevant, trusted and widely applicable resources, as well as networking opportunities with other members and Business Partners.


As a CACUBO member, you will join one of the preeminent higher education professional associations with all the benefits we can provide:

  •  Professional development and leadership opportunities
  •  Relevant, current resources and best practices
  •  Collegial relationships and peer‐to‐peer sharing and networking
  •  High-quality events and resources
  •  Affordable CPE credits
  •  Access to higher education Business Partners
Higher Education Institutions Two or four-year public, private or not-for-profit higher education institutions in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. $250
Governing Boards / System Offices Higher education governing boards and system offices. $250
Affiliate, Associate or International Members K-12 schools, foundations, libraries, other non-profits and international colleges and universities. $250
Provisional Institutions which have attained a pre-accreditable status. $250
Business Partners Private, for-profit companies working in the higher education industry. $500
For-Profit Higher Education Institutions For-profit, educational institutions with both internet and campus-based programs. $500
Retirees Individuals who were previously CACUBO members through their institution. $25
Students Individuals actively pursuing a degree within an accredited academic program. $25


With a diverse membership, CACUBO offers you support from fellow professionals of all backgrounds, from both independent and public institutions, as well as a variety of positions within each member institution. With more than 600 member institutions across 28 states, CACUBO is a higher education professional association that includes members with various titles and roles who are responsible for business and financial management at colleges and universities.

Membership in the central association is an institutional membership. CACUBO seeks a diverse membership from large and small, public and private institutions. As one of four regional higher education professional associations (CACUBO, EACUBO, SACUBO, and WACUBO) working with NACUBO, we have access to a wealth of expertise and information, as well as dedicated people in their Washington, D.C. office who advocate for the needs and interests of higher education.

We invite you to join us in our pursuit of continued professional growth. Welcome to CACUBO!

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