Community Colleges


Do you work at a community college in the central region? CACUBO offers community college professional development opportunities through events and resources.

Community colleges play an invaluable role in the higher education landscape, and the business and finance professionals working in those institutions face unique circumstances and challenges. That’s why CACUBO is committed to providing resources and networking opportunities that support community college professional development.

In addition to navigating funding challenges, business and finance professionals at community colleges are expected to be adept at every facet of the institution. You may be tasked with running your college’s entire administration function, including risk management, emergency preparedness and management of capital projects. CACUBO can offer resources across all of these areas to help you and your team grow professionally and better assist your institution.

To help you network and share information with others in your position, CACUBO’s community college professional development opportunities include knowledge sharing and hands-on learning. At our various online and in-person events, you can share case studies and best practices, and access a wealth of expertise and community college professional development resources from CACUBO members in similar school environments.


To ensure community colleges have a voice in shaping the future of CACUBO, as well as our programming and resources, we established a Community College Constituency Council in 2014. If you’re interested in representing the interests of your school and other community colleges within CACUBO, consider volunteering for this council. 

As an organization, we’ve grown to include more than 600 member institutions across the central region, of which, more than 100 are community colleges.