Welcome to the new members' site for CACUBO!

Over the coming months, we will be enhancing our members' value by leveraging our new member management platform, Memberclicks. In order to ensure you are receiving the most value for your/your institutions membership, you must create an account on this platform. Creating an account will be the only way you will be able to register for CACUBO events, as well as take advantage of the developing community features, such as listservs for members, directories, and volunteer information. An account is also the only way you will be on CACUBO's general mailing list for events and other relevant topics.

To create an account, simply click "Create or update your account" in the top left corner of this site.

If you already have an account, you can sign in with your username (your email address) and your password. Otherwise, enter your email address in the "New Users" Section.

From there, provide the requested information about yourself. A member of the Member Relations committee will review your submission and assign your profile to the correct institution. Once your profile has been assigned, you will begin receiving member benefits for as long as your account is active and your institution's membership is in good standing.

In the event that your profile is not associated with a current member institution or eligible for benefits as a member of one of the other ACUBO organizations, a member of the Member Relations committee will reach out to discuss membership with you.