Research Universities


Do you work at a research university? CACUBO offers research university professional development through events and resources.

The size and complexity of research universities require rigorous accounting and management policies and procedures and forces the business officer to wear many hats. You face the unique challenge of shrinking research funds, while accepting the responsibility of discovering new knowledge. To help the business officers and staff at these public and independent research institutions operate effectively across an array of responsibilities, CACUBO offers a variety of research university professional development opportunities and resources.

If your department or colleagues work in silos due to the size of your research university, it can be challenging to collaborate. You can leverage professional development opportunities from CACUBO to improve your effectiveness in this area. CACUBO’s mission is to provide hands-on training and networking at our many online and in-person events throughout the year.

Through a membership in CACUBO, you have access to best practices from other schools, like yours, and can draw upon a wealth of expertise from your colleagues at other research universities. Whether you’re navigating federal regulations or identifying operational efficiencies, CACUBO members from other research universities can share insights and case studies that are directly applicable to your job.


To ensure research universities have a voice in shaping the future of CACUBO, as well as our programming and resources, we established a Research University Constituency Council in 2014. If you’re interested in representing the interests of your institution and other research universities within CACUBO, consider volunteering for this council. 

With more than 600 member institutions, of which, more than 50 are research universities, you’ll be able to network with and learn from your peers across the region.